Hey there!

So what is a blog about royal reflections?

Here are some choices for you:

1.  I am actually a second cousin, thrice removed to the throne and am secretly blogging from the wrong side of the pond in the wilds of America.

2.  That Silly Wills keeps promising me that any day he is going to dump that boring, plain-looking Kate and install me to my proper position.

3.  My writing name is Lynne Royal and these posts will be my thoughts and feelings and observations for the day.  (Nah!!!  Way too obvious!)

4.  I am a daughter of the King of Kings and, therefore, forever royal! (1 Peter 2:9)

5.  I have a horrible, mad addiction to Downton Abbey and secretly LONG to live there!

I’ll let you dwell on that for now. 


P. S.  I wouldn’t go with 1 or 2 above if I were you…