First, kill all the sugar!!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!  I have become one of those terrible blogging people who has great intentions and then falls ALL APART when real life happens.  But, I’m back, for now…

Tomorrow, I shall give you one of those horrid “What I did on my summer vacation” essays, but here’s what I have for you for now.

There is a prayer that goes like this:

Dear Lord,

So far today I’ve done all right. 
I haven’t gossiped, cursed, or lost my temper. 
I haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or over indulgent. 
I am really glad about these things.

But, in a few minutes Lord, 
I am going to get out of bed, 
and from then on, 
I’m probably going to need a lot more help.

Thank You, 
In Jesus’ Name 


Here is my version:

So far today, Lord, I have not consumed any!!

I’ve had no Heath bars. 

I have not beaten up any little girls to get their chocolate chip cookies (gluten free, of course).

I have not gone face first into any Moose tracks ice cream.

I have not sneaked into the kitchen and eaten straight out of the brown sugar bag. (Yes, I’m that disgusting!!)

I have not bathed in sweet tea or installed an IV so that it can be pumped directly into my bloodstream. 

BUT I’m fixin’ to get out of this here bed now and all bets are off as to my behavior if I am subjected to the granular white heroin.  So Your help is appreciated! 


I’m trying to make some healthier choices with my life and I’m just thinking that eliminating the 14 pounds of white sugar a day might be a good start. (It’s possible that 14 pounds is a slight exaggeration – see the previous post regarding “The Red-Headed Mississippi Embellisher.”)  I have a couple of upcoming posts regarding these changes, but here’s the start for today.  I’m even going to include a Willy Wonka reference, so stay tuned!




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