What I did on my summer vacation!!

I finished my undergrad Bible degree this summer and had the privilege of working at my home church as a ministerial intern (the oldest on record, I do believe!!).

In light of that news, here’s what I did on my summer “vacation.”

I worked.  A lot. 

I also laughed with people and cried with people. I visited our senior saints in the nursing home and was highly blessed for having been there. I taught children’s church weekly and was challenged and blessed for having been there. (Kid hugs are THE BEST!) I taught a ladies’ class and rejoiced and mourned. I also figured out that parenting really doesn’t get any easier just because your kids are grown…

I helped at a wedding and some funerals. I fed people. A lot. I answered the phone and ran lots of copies. I ran errands for lots of people. I said the right thing sometimes and I was a hurtful jerk at others. I prayed with a lot of people and was blessed. 

I learned from my pastors and from my coworkers, and I am eternally changed for the privilege. I made new friends and renewed older friendships. 

As with the other staff, I got there early and stayed late. As with the other staff, I worked six days a week most weeks. 

I learned how many people give so sacrificially of their time and resources and was humbled that they would do that – for YEARS!

In summary, I worked. A lot. However, in the process, I was infinitely more blessed than I blessed. I received far more than I gave. I learned a great deal more than I taught. I rejoiced more than I grieved, and I witnessed God’s amazing, boundless, unconditional, eternal love up close and personal. 

I am grateful beyond measure and forever changed.





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